Yesterday, I developed and published a new Chrome browser extension on the Chrome Web Store. The extension is called Sourcery for Google News.

When you visit Google News, the extension automatically tags each source with its associated media bias, as determined by the analysts at


Sourcery for Google News reveals the true nature of the news you read. Sourcery uses the most comprehensive media bias resource,, to tag stories published by 1,100+ sources.

We live in the age of the 24-hour news cycle, a time when fake news and hidden agendas drive public discourse. With Sourcery, you can make more informed decisions about the stories you read and share.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Quickly identify source bias
  • Critically evaluate journalism
  • Sort out fake news from real news

Supported tags include: Left, Left-Center, Center, Right-Center, Right, Pro-Science, Satire, Conspiracy, Fake News

Release Notes

  • 1.5: Updated Sourcery to support the new Google News layout, and fixed an issue where tags could be added in error due to insensitive domain matching
  • 1.4: Fixed an issue where diversity article tags were duplicated
  • 1.3: Added support for search results, search cards, and search topics
  • 1.2: Fixed an issue where styles would be overridden
  • 1.1: Fixed an issue where tags were not added to lead articles in the classic layout