Building a Home Studio

After many years, and a mess of cables, adapters, and various mounts, I have finally completed work on my home studio. The purposes of which include: recording interviews, music, and gameplay; high-definition streaming; and programming. Here is a system map:

Is the third monitor useful?

Most recently, I added a third LG 29" UltraWidescreen monitor, mounted above me with a StarTech Hanger Mount on a hutch. That third monitor is most useful for Unreal Blueprints, Visual Studio and other IDEs, and Chrome Developer Tools. I also no longer need more lighting to support the Logitech C922x Pro webcam as three monitors are more than sufficient.

Which device was your best investment?

I highly recommend the M-Audio Delta 66 audio card with the Omni I/O mixer, or any external preamp/mixer. The Omni I/O has been so invaluable I modified my Antec Three Hundred Two case to fit the card. Several components are routed through the Omni I/O, including:

And I still have space for studio monitors/speakers, too.

Why do you have a dial-up modem?

You may notice an odd device on the map: a dial-up modem. The dial-up modem is used with a program called PhoneTray, which is a caller ID, call blocker, and call logger for the PC. I had been receiving an inordinate number of scam and spam calls but after a few months of blocked callers hearing the disconnected tone, I am seeing an average of only two such calls per day.