Rethinking Event Pricing

Why does event registration become more expensive as an event draws near?

The motivation is to encourage early registration, and thereby facilitate the promoter's ability to predict financial outcomes and improve communication with the venue. That sounds sensible at first, but this is called negative reinforcement, or response cost punishment. This tactic does not have the effect desired by promoters.

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In Defense of the Press Release

Dean Takahashi, lead games writer at VentureBeat and author of Xbox 360 Uncloaked, lamented on Facebook that publicists are sending out less press releases.

I detect a trend where PR firms are no longer bothering to write press releases. That's hip with the times. But I find they're writing blog posts instead. Or sending over slide decks. Or arranging Webex briefings. And sending white papers. This is not an improvement because it doesn't get me the most important information quickly.

In this post, I will discuss how we arrived here, and reason why public relations agencies are wrong to discontinue the production and distribution of press releases.

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